Who? I’ve been a gamer since 1990 when I first played Super Mario Brother 3 on the Nintendo Entertainment System. I remember the first time a controller was in my hands, it was cut short by a lightning storm and the power went out. I’ve been hooked on technology ever since.

What? I’ve had the grand opportunity to play just about every console since the NES! My family got our first IBM PC in 1995. Over the years I have followed and forged ahead with new trends over the years on almost all platforms and hope to continue into the age of Virtual Reality and beyond.

Where? I currently reside in New York, United States and have had the pleasure of traveling to many different states!

When? I Livestream gameplay as much as possible and hope to soon bring another video feed via ‘wearable Wi-Fi’ as part of the #LifeStream.

Why? The world could be a better place with a Live Action Super Hero!

How? This website and some sweet cosplay and technology. It will expand to feature the #LifeStream – a 24/7 video feed of The Live Action Super Hero!

This website also has a concept to feature a ‘bullet time gaming room’ – aka – ‘Space Station 5.2X’

You can contribute, send me a note, and have your name on the livestream via Streamlabs @ https://streamlabs.com/liveactionsuperhero